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Guys, please share this everywhere. Shaun King exposed a very integral And deliberate LIE told by the chief of police to protect Darren Wilson, Mike Brown’s murderer. Shaun shows us with PICTURES that Mike Brown was over 100 feet away when Darren Wilson started shooting at him compared to what the STL PD are saying which is that Mike was 35 feet away. They lied about this purposely because officers are encouraged to protect themselves when someone who poses a threat is within 35 feet. Mike Brown was over 100 feet away. He posed no threat. Share this everywhere.

Man they’re truly willing to do anything to justify the killing of this boy.

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definitely vote for someone who says "John Howard is a racist bastard”

Following his return from Europe, in November 2009, Hawawira was asked to repay some travel costs after skipping a taxpayer-funded conference in Brussels to go sightseeing in Paris….


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The Miss Indian World pageant is the answer to Miss America we’ve been looking for

When Kira Kazantsev was crowned the new Miss America on Sunday night, a feeling of déjá vu set in.

Not only was she white — like all but nine of the 94 winners before her — she also fit snugly into a narrowly defined standard of Western female attractiveness: early 20s, long flowing hair and a thin, painstakingly tanned physique that would not seem out of place in a Victoria’s Secret catalog.

In many ways, the Miss Indian World pageant’s definition of what American beauty truly entails is the ideological antithesis to Miss America. Indeed, since 1984, this five-day competition based in Albuquerque, N.M., has honored Native American woman for their contributions to their communities, not their bikini bodies. The top award is given to the contestant who “best represents her culture,” according to Al Jazeera.

Why this pageant is world’s better 

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Ibeyi - Oya


" We had a lot of trouble with western mental health workers who came here immediately after the genocide and we had to ask some of them to leave.

They came and their practice did not involve being outside in the sun where you begin to feel better. There was no music or drumming to get your blood flowing again. There was no sense that everyone had taken the day off so that the entire community could come together to try to lift you up and bring you back to joy. There was no acknowledgement of the depression as something invasive and external that could actually be cast out again.

Instead they would take people one at a time into these dingy little rooms and have them sit around for an hour or so and talk about bad things that had happened to them. We had to ask them to leave.

by A Rwandan talking to a western writer, Andrew Solomon, about his experience with western mental health and depression. (via dialecticsof)

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this is what im on tumblr for

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" There are accepted revolutions, revolutions which are called revolutions; there are refused revolutions, which are called riots. "

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Steven Arnold

A protege of Salvador Dali, whose influence is highly recognizable in his intricate and surrealist pieces, Steven Arnold sent trend setting ripples throughout the world of art. Along with photography, Steven Arnold is also credited as a prolific visionary film maker, painter, illustrator, and costume designer.

Arnold’s work was inspired by his dreams, sexuality, Jungian archetypes, hedonism, and art masterpieces.

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" She may have looked normal on the outside, but once you’d seen her handwriting you knew she was deliciously complicated inside. "
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So they made nike mag Air max and this was my reaction

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